Save Time, Save Money, Secure PHI!

We are already burning CD’s with our EMR, why would we need DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy?

While most EMRs have the ability to manually burn and some can encrypt individual CD’s, nothing is automated. Users must load, burn, encrypt and label discs by hand – creating potential liability due to human error Additionally, there is no central database that tracks all of the discs created (who processed, when, how many, etc.) – also a potential liability. DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy does all of the burning, encrypting, HIPAA tracking, and logging of each disc created, within its own database.

How does the encryption code get to the recipient?

Passwords/encryption codes are sent to the recipient of the disc either by printing & mailing or e-mailing via Outlook. Triggers to print/e-mail the password are activated during the process of burning the CD.

Is there any flexibility when assigning encryption codes and passwords?

DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy has the option of creating discs using a simple password, or no password at all. Preferences and permissions can be set up system-wide, or for an individual user or administrator.

What happens if the patient forgets or loses the encryption code?

All encryption codes are tracked in the DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy database. A very simple query can pull up the encryption code for a previously burned CD and re-e-mailed or printed for a recipient.

How do I justify the cost of this system?

Not only does DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy save money in printing and paper costs, but it streamlines your workflow, so your staff’s time can be allocated to other tasks. By automating the process, DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy takes away potential liability by eliminating human error.

Will DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy work with my EMR?

DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy resides on your hospital network as a “network printer.” DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy will work with any EMR that has the ability to print files.

We get a lot of RAC Audit Requests. How does DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy handle these types of requests?

Users simply select multiple patient files to be burned to DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy. There is no limit to the number or size of files that can be burned to an encrypted CD. For very large files, DISCO® – Digital Secure Copy has the option to burn to DVD.

We use paper because most of our patients are seniors; they are not tech-savvy enough to use a CD?

Though many patients that request medical records are seniors, it is usually the care-giver that handles these issues with a senior patient. Recent census studies show that over 90% of households in the US own a computer. Caregivers will appreciate receiving all the records in one compact disc and being able to get multiple copies inexpensively.

Does patient information reside on this system?

DISCO® acts just like your department’s paper printer on the hospital network. Thus, no confidential patient records are saved, nor accessible on the DISCO® system, after CD production is completed.

Does the software need to be installed on my EMR?

DISCO®  is simply another network printer, and operates completely independent from your hospital EMR, HIS, or RIS System.