VISN 20 Standardizes on DISCO for Automated Release of Information on Encrypted CD, with VISN-wide purchase. Joins many other VA Hospitals nationwide. 

September 26, 2013

Data Distributing LLC is proud to announce a landmark in the ongoing adoption of its solution DISCO, Digital Secure Copy.

The VA VISN 20 has made a VISN-wide purchase of DISCO, for each of its Pacific Northwest hospitals.

VISN 20 joins many other VA Hospitals nationwide, which have already deployed DISCO, to automate their production of encrypted, portable, digital medical record copies for requestors.

Some other VA Hospitals, which have chosen DISCO, Digital Secure Copy, include: VA Anchorage, VA Boston, VA El Paso, VA Minneapolis, VA Philadelphia, VA Dublin GA, VA Ft Myers, VA Bay Pines and VA West Palm Beach.

Nancy Fisher, CEO of Data Distributing LLC: “We are honored by the VA’s choice and thrilled with the widespread adoption of our solution, DISCO Digital Secure Copy. It is truly becoming the standard ROI copy solution for the VA Health System and others. We are currently working with many other VISN’s, who want to adopt the solution, VISN-wide, like the Pacific Northwest did. The response has been terrific”.

Data Distributing LLC will be meeting with numerous US facilities, intent on deploying DISCO for both ROI & RAC copy production, at the upcoming AHIMA conference, Oct. 26-30 2013, Booth 2012.


DISCO is an intelligent, digital (ROI) chart copy solution that produces patient record copies on disc for medical records departments whether they are EMR-based, paper-based, or a hybrid of both. DISCO performs HL7 queries and retrieves patient information from the HIS or EMR, creating on-demand digital copies of either full charts or specific encounters, and burns the patient data to a Rimage Disc Publishing system. The unique software also protects the security of the data. Additionally, DISCO indelibly prints the appropriate patient data directly on the CD for easy identification and quick shipment. For additional information about DISCO, please visit

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