VA Hospital Seattle & American Lake Purchase DISCO To Fulfill Digital ROI Requests

May 13 – Seattle, WA

Data Distributing is once again proud to announce that the fully automated and secured DISCO solution, has been purchased by both the VA Hospital Seattle and American Lake, for their digital releases of information.

“These two large healthcare facilities have chosen DISCO to fulfill all digital ROI requests”, says Nancy Fisher, President and CEO of Data Distributing. Both hospitals wanted to dramatically reduce the cost of paper, toner, and manual operations, but also protect the privacy and integrity of each and every patient medical information as it left the hospital. DISCO was integrated to work with their EMR system and automatically create copies on CD, thermally print the labels and encrypt the sensitive information”.


DISCO is an intelligent, digital (ROI) chart copy solution that produces patient record copies on disc for medical records departments whether they are EMR-based, paper-based, or a hybrid of both. DISCO performs HL7 queries and retrieves patient information from the HIS or EMR, creating on-demand digital copies of either full charts or specific encounters, and burns the patient data to a Rimage Disc Publishing system. The unique software also protects the security of the data. Additionally, DISCO indelibly prints the appropriate patient data directly on the CD for easy identification and quick shipment. For additional information about DISCO, please visit

About Data Distributing

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